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About visuEats

visuEats is a restaurant mobile app that provides photo, video and data driven menus creating an interactive and personalized dining experience.

What is visuEats?

visuEats is a virtual company that provides restaurants worldwide, custom software designs through electronic menu displays which allows restaurants to capitalize on menu engineering and data automation.

Who we are?

We are a team of developers and content creators who understand the dining experience spanning location and culture. We aim to engage diners through the menu selection process catering to their individual needs.


Powered by innovative technology, restaurants will be able to display their menu items in real-time and in a multimedia format (images and video) via a mobile app, fostering a stimulating dining experience.

visuEats Features

visuEats aims to enhance the customers' experience and expectations using customized features to include:


This feature provides customers with suggestions by showcasing the most ordered/popular menu items.


This feature allows customers to filter the menu based on their food preferences or restrictions.


This feature allows customers to adjust the menu based on their budget.

visuEats vs Traditional Menus

How visuEats changes things


Creates a platform for ad placement and promotions

Traditional Menus

Does not provide an intuitive channel for ad placement or rapidly deployed promotions


Reduces lead-time by increasing quick order placements

Traditional Menus

Requires more time to decipher menu items and complete decision making process


Retrieves real-time insights on menu items

Traditional Menus

Lacking insights into menu items that are overlooked and why


Provides customized features and functionality for customers

Traditional Menus

Little to no customer engagement or interaction


Displays multimedia content

Traditional Menus

Primarily just text-based content


Reduces inflation costs through automatic menu updates

Traditional Menus

Increase inflation costs to reprint menus 2 to 3 times per year

visuEats vs Traditional Menus

The dining experience is changing...

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