A Woman’s Passion: Getting to the Heart of the visuEats Story

A Woman’s Passion: Getting to the Heart of the visuEats Story

A woman’s passion and personal triumphs lie at the heart of the visuEats story.

One should never underestimate the power of drive or passion. Even more potent is the reality of both. visuEats’ CEO Sophronia McKenzie possesses both and then some!

Admittedly, it is easy to see anyone who possesses drive and passion in spades as invincible and lacking vulnerability. After all, there is a noticeable strength that comes from having these qualities. Yet, behind what is perceived as indomitable, is the heart of the matter; the story.

A Woman’s Passion: Sophronia Unveils the Heart of visuEats

visuEats is often presented in the spirit of the drive and passion that built it. Still, there is much more to the brand. One little-known truth about visuEats, is that it was born out of a story of personal challenges and great triumph.

In a surprise reveal via the official visuEats YouTube channel, CEO Sophronia McKenzie gets personal about how the visuEats story came to be. In the video simply titled “visuEats Founder,” Sophronia details her battle with depression that came to a head in 2012. During that time, not only her favourite meals, but food, in general, was scarce. Ironically, Sophronia would find solace in the very thing she had very little of.

As she faced her economic challenges and her depression, Sophronia would watch her favourite food channels and quite literally eat with her eyes. That experience, coupled with her gradual foray into project management and technology, would form the concept for what visuEats would become today.

Don’t just take my word for it, however. Press play on the video below to watch Sophronia tell her story and the story of visuEats in her own words. When you get to the end, be sure to head on over to the visuEats YouTube channel, like the video, and subscribe to the channel.

Here’s Why This Story Is Important

As intimated prior, in the story lies the vulnerability and the heart of passion and drive. It is important to tell the stories that inform why we do what we do. Our story gives meaning to the what and how of any operation. Through the story of visuEats, you not only become familiar with our products and services but also the why behind these products and services. For us, it helps us stay connected with each of you who love what we do.

Hopefully, sharing our story with you also helps serve as a reminder that your story too is powerful and important.

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